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Why Are Cantilevers So Popular?

The centrepiece for your outdoor comfort and entertainment, why the cantilever umbrella is so desireable...

1. A marvel of engineering, we are naturally drawn to them.

A precision engineered cantilever is a thing of beauty and will immediately become the showpiece of your outdoor furniture, they almost have a magnetic pull for people. We instinctively believe the mast/pole should be in the centre of the umbrella for stability, so when we see a large beautiful crafted cantilever that swivels, tilts and is exceptionally stable in the wind, we can't help but admire it.

2. They move with the sun

Not to state the obvious, but the sun doesn’t stay in one spot all day. It moves across the sky in a different path every day. A fixed shade solution doesn’t make sense, you need flexibility and moveability to compensate for the angle of the sun. Frankford's 360° rotation, combined with the Infinity Tilt system allows for countless tilt angles allowing you to select the area you want shaded, from poolside to barside.

3. Easy to use

Frankford's crank lift is built for commercial use, it's quick to deploy and effortless to use. The mast is complemented by a gas strut, this creates an anti-gravity system where the strut takes the weight of the umbrella during the lifting and retraction of the umbrella. It's easy to raise the umbrella in an instant and rotate & tilt to the correct position. Effo

rtless elegance.

4. Cantilevers can handle very windy conditions

Frankford umbrellas have been engineered to stand up to very high winds. It’s important that all our umbrellas be of the highest quality so they can used and enjoyed in all weather conditions. They have a shade rating in excess of UPF 50+ and filter out almost 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

5. Frankford umbrellas are good for your health

Frankford canopies are manufactured from premium 9 ounce marine grade fabric... the highest quality in the industry. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a complete sun protection regime, including regular use of sunscreen. Our fabric has a shade rating in excess of UPF 50+ and filter out almost 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our fabric completely blocks the sun and harmful UV rays, and there are no toxic substances used in the process.

Frankford Umbrellas are built to last. Quality, customer assurance and satisfaction is our #1 priority and we offer the best warranty in the business!

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