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More About Umbrella Gurus

Umbrella Gurus is a boutique company in Dundas Ontario that grew out of an obsession to find the best quality patio umbrella at a reasonable price. Summers are precious and fleeting in Canada, and a beautiful outdoor entertaining space needs a patio umbrella that's stylish, sophisticated and built to last. 

Like many before me, I made the mistake of buying a mediocre cantilever umbrella that inevitably ended up in landfill. That's the point when most people decide they need to invest in a quality umbrella, which and it leads you to the two main players in Canada, Treasure Garden and Tucci. Everyone who's in the market knows Tucci makes beautiful umbrellas but the price tag is staggering. Treasure Garden is a mass-produced mid-level umbrella, which serves its purpose but the gap in style and quality between Treasure Garden and Tucci is significant. I had pretty much concluded that a high end patio umbrella at a down-to-earth price wasn't achievable until I discovered this unassuming article in a trade magazine. I discovered that Frankford Umbrellas is one of the oldest and most prestigious commercial umbrella manufacturers in the US, yet hadn't made its way to Canada yet.


After importing a Frankford Aurora cantilever and Greenwich market umbrella for my own backyard I was sold on the quality and company... and this eventually led to the opening of As a licenced distributor for Frankford, we are proud to supply the entire line of Frankford umbrellas and outdoor furniture to our clients right across Canada.

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